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Welcome to Transdreams

Femininity with a smile!

Opened Monday-Saturday 10.00-22.00 (CET). Call +31 - 6 31 27 50 81(mobile) for information and making appointments. Or use the contact-form for leaving your message.

Hello, my name is Marion. I wish you a warm and happy welcome on the new Transdreams-site. Are you puzzling on how to make that particular style or look work? Are your make-up results troubling you instead of being satisfactory? Is is hard for you to get a clear picture on how to achieve your convincing feminine looks? ........... For those of you, in genuine need of dedicated, professional trannyservices. Please feel welcome to enjoy this page and the services that I am offering to the transgendercommunity. (You may be crossdresser, transgender, tranny, transexual, a combination of any of these or otherwise a 'type of female'.)

I know that most of you greatly value beautiful and convincing female looks..... To actualize these looks for yourself takes a lot of time, effort, freedom, willingness, knowledge, patience, repetition, practice and love. (did I forget to mention anything?) Many of us have a sincere and heartfelt need to realize their female potential, but simply lack time, space and/or knowledge.....

Transdreams offers a firm hand and effective solutions on your road to femininity. The services range from make-up trainings to full-range transformationservices. ALL services are dedicated to YOUR personal wishes and needs. Expect no less than my undivided attention and open-minded to each individual request.

All services are offered in a 1 to 1 setting. Except for you and me there is nobody there during sessions. (Allthough your parner is welcome of course) Privacy, discretion and your personal integrity are an integral part of the provision.

So tell me, is there a way that I may help you? If you are interested my services, I recommend you to read the service-page, which provides a general overview of the services. Besides more detailed information about the different types of services it includes a pricelist, conditions, a list of tranny-friendlly accomodations in Amsterdam and a list of nice establishments and occasions for going out in the area of Amsterdam.

And don't forget: Femininity comes with a smile! That is my motto. Don't forget this because it is very important. What Transdreams offers is not plain services. It is about a free way of life and living. It is about making dreams come really to life. Make them really happen!! For a 'biological man', having a feminine side is a great blessing. To recognize and use it in life is a neccesity for growth and true happiness.

Your smile maybe abundant, discrete, shy or hidden under the surface. You may even have the Mona-Lisa type of mystery in your smile. So the idea of smiling is not about an outer appearance. It is rather the reflection of our inner well-being about who we are. Accepting the Wilma, Betty or Rita in you is about opening your heart and finding your ultimate source of inspiration and happiness. To ignore her is to live unhappy and unfullfilled. That is .... untill you embrace her for what she is. A part of your true self.

I am curiously interested about your wishes. Have you become curious? Don't hesitate. Please feel welcome. I hereby invite you to get in touch with me!

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